1. All prices are subject to the addition of VAT at the rate ruling at the time of supply unless stated otherwise.
  2. The outstanding balance shall be payable on completion of the supply of goods or installation.
  3. Quotations only include for the work specified and any additional work or parts required will be charged extra to the quotation.
  4. Work additional to the original quotation will be charged at current call out and hourly rates, plus parts and VAT. Additional work must be authorised by the customer in writing.
  5. A certificate of Public Liability Insurance showing the level of cover prevailing is available on request.

    Condition of contract – Site Fitting
  6. All prices assume a clear working area and an additional charge will be made for the removal of obstructions from the working area.
  7. It shall remain the responsibility of the customer to advise upon the position of underground cables, pipes or other services. Otherwise the Company cannot be held responsible for damage thereto. Responsibility for the consequences and costs arising from this damage or injury resulting from any work carried out on the site shall be borne by the customer.
  8. Additional charges will apply to the original quotation where hidden hardcore, rock concrete and other like materials or hindrances are encountered unless brought to our attention at the time of the invitation to quote.
  9. Removal of spoil from site shall only be undertaken if requested by the customer at a cost to be agreed.
  10. No responsibility can be accepted for any structural movement in masonry plaster or brickwork, which may be disturbed during installation, or any defects uncovered as a result of such works.
  11. If through the fault of the customer, either our engineers or related trades persons are kept waiting and are unable to work on site, an additional charge will apply at current hourly rates.
  12. It shall be presumed that the completed work has been accepted unless notification of either defective materials or workmanship is made in writing within seven days of invoice.
  13. When necessary the customer shall arrange for public utilities to be disconnected at his/her expense prior to commencement of work. Any resultant delays caused to the contractor shall be charged at current hourly rates.
  14. All goods supplied remain the property of Eco-Flame Ltd until full payment has been received. The contract is not complete until payment has been made in full.
  15. All goods and equipment shall be available to Eco-Flame Ltd until such time as payment is received in full and the contract is complete. Eco-Flame reserve the right to have free access across private property to recover any goods not paid for in full.
  16. Acceptance of this quotation involves acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and will lead to a binding contract between parties. Any cancellation, alteration or postponement by the customer shall entitle the Company to claim for any loss of expenses occurring as a result.

These terms and conditions do not affect the Customer’s statutory rights.

Eco-Flame Ltd - Terms and Conditions of Sale
Eco-Flame (hereinafter called “the company”) only accepts orders and sells the goods upon and subject to the conditions. These terms and conditions shall prevail over any terms and conditions of the customer.

  1. All quotations are subject to confirmation of a director of the company upon receipt of the customer’s order, which shall be treated as an invitation to treat and no contract shall be concluded until such confirmation is given or the customer’s order is otherwise accepted.
  2. Delivery
    1. Dates or periods of delivery and performances are only best estimates and the company shall not be liable for the consequence of any delay. The company is bound to deliver goods and perform services by a specific date or within a specific period only if it is agreed by written acceptance.
    2. Any delivery or performance period commences when the contract is concluded and when the company receives from the customer any further information that it requires to proceed with the contract.
    3. If the customer refuses for any reason to accept the goods delivered by the company, the customer will reimburse the company on demand for cost reasonably incurred by the company to produce the goods.
    4. The customer shall have no right to require the company to take back and to give him/her credit for goods that have been supplied pursuant to the customer’s order. The company may in special circumstances accept back and give credit for goods subject to negotiation of a handling charge.
  3. Price/Quotation/Payment
    1. The company has the right to vary the price of the goods if there is any increase in the total price of the goods to the company arising from any cause beyond their control. The customer may cancel the contract within 48 hours notice to the increase of price to the customer from the company.
    2. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.
    3. Deposit of 40% is due with return of confirmation form and is non refundable. Balance of the order will be required on completion of the work.
    4. If the customer fails to make due payment of any of the company’s invoices then the company without limiting its other rights may
      *Require payment prior to delivery for goods ordered.
  4. *Vary the terms of payment.
  5. The property in the goods shall remain in the company until the customer has paid the relevant invoice in full and the customer declares its trustee of the goods for the company until the payment is made.
  6. If payment is overdue in whole or in part, the company may recover/recall the goods and may enter upon the customer’s premises for that purpose.
  7. The customer shall inspect the goods upon delivery or collection and notify the company of any damages or shortfall within 3 working days.
  8. The customer acknowledges the company’s ownership of design applied to goods and the copyright whether registered or not, except where the company agrees to confine design to a customer of the goods exclusively.