Smokeless Fuel & coal

There are a great many different solid fuels for sale. Your choice will be based on a number
of criteria, the most important of which will be the type of appliance you use and whether or not you live in a smoke control area.

Fuels for Open Fires

The most traditional fuel for open fires is Housecoal. It is available in various sizes to suit
your requirements. Housecoal comes from sites in Britain together with some imports from
various parts of the world.House or Lump Coal - For Open fires Only

In addition, there are several briquetted fuels manufactured for open fires such as –
Firelite Briketts, Peat Briquettes and Wildfire, plus logs and briquettes made from waste
bio-mass materials which are available in many locations.

Housecoal is NOT authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas. and should NEVER be used in Stoves as it can lead to premature failure of baffle plates and stove walls, top or flues.

Authorised Open Fire Smokeless Fuels
Solid Smokeless Fuels are clean and easy to use and up to a third more heat is obtained than
when burning the same weight of Housecoal. Each fuel has different burning characteristics
and your local Approved Coal Merchant will be able to advise you on the best choice for your fire.

Manufactured open fire smokeless fuels are sold by brand name such as -
Briteflame, Coalite Ovals, Cosycoke, Cosycoke Briquettes, Ecoal, Excel, Homefire,
Homefire Ovals, Multiheat, Newflame, Pureheat, Supertherm ll.

Fuels for Closed Appliances
This category of appliances includes roomheaters, stoves, cookers and freestanding boilers.
There is a great variety of appliances available. Most offer efficient space heating whilst
others can supply hot water and central heating. Many are classified as ‘multi-fuel’ and can
burn solid fuel or wood, as well as a mixture of both.Smokeless Fuel - Ideal for Multi Fuel Stoves

Naturally Smokeless Fuel
Anthracite is a naturally occurring smokeless fuel and is suitable for all closed appliances.
It is supplied from South Wales as well as other parts of the world. Anthracite Grains and
Beans are mainly used on Gravity Feed Boilers.

Manufactured Smokeless Fuels
Manufactured fuels are usually sold by brand name such as – Ancit, Briteheat, Briteflame, Coalite Ovals, Cosycoke, Cosycoke Briquettes, Ecoal, Homefire, Homefire Ovals, Maxibrite, Newflame, Phurnacite, Pureheat, Supacite, Surefire, Sunbrite Doubles, Taybrite, Therma.

Smoke Control Legislation
Many people live in areas covered by the Clean Air Act, particularly in towns and cities. In
such places it is an offence to emit dark smoke from a chimney and therefore you should
use only an authorised smokeless fuel.

Wood is not an authorised fuel for use in Smoke Control Areas, however you may burn wood
on an exempted appliance which has been tested and approved by DEFRA.

Details of approved fuels and exempt appliances can be provided by The Solid Fuel
Association or log on to

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