Just some examples of our installations

R Evans - Sutton Mandeville

After being let down by other companies we quote on supply and installation of a flue liner and the customers own source Stove. The stove was a little large (in Kilowatts) than was required for the room though this was reallStovax Stockton 8y on the only source of heating they have (other than old style night storage heaters) and the plan was to open up the room by removing walls. Being over 5KW it required an air vent, fortunately there was one already in place (though much larger than required) so the installation of an 8KW stove was allowed.

The previous occupant had installed a home made square flue line that consisted a 3 riveted steel box session that slotted into each other but they didn;t quite reach the chimney pot.

This first had to be removed (along with huge amount amounts of soot and building rubble before a new 6" flexible liner could be installed.

The customer had some concerns about the physical size of the stove in their inglenook fireplace, but once installed they were happy with the look.

Email Received from the Customer:

"Dear Steve,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you carried out for me installing my woodburning stove.

It is great to find someone who is so knowledgeable, conscientious and also turns up when they say they will!

I have already recommended Eco-Flame to a neighbour.

Many thanks." .

The Grosvenor Arms - Shaftesbury

The Grosvernor Arms - Shaftesbury

The Grosvernor Arms - AfterThe Grosvernor Arms - BeforeKeen to use the fireplace in the bar, I was asked to replace the existing display of wood with a suitably size stove that would provide a focal point and that feeling of coziness.

The hotel opted for 5KW stove, to remove the need for ventilation and chose ESSE 100 with a single door. A slate heart was laid to compliment the stove.

The Fontmell - Fontmell Magna

The new owners of the Fontmell have performed a sympathetic renovation of the pub formerly known as The Crown.

They approached us to install a wood burning stove in their main bar after the attempts to use the open fire resulting in smoking at the room. We recommended a camera inspection of the flue and we found that there were large faults in the flue and a large obstruction was found between the main stack and fire opening.





The flue was lined to provide a sound flue from top to bottom and a Charnwood Country 4 Wood Burner installed leaving the original brickwork in the fire opening to give it character.

Mr & Mrs M - Stubhampton
The customer was currently using an open fire, unusually it gave out a lot of heat, this was due to a very narrow gap between the fire and the flue and a large throat forming lintel.

The customer wanted to replace the open fire with a more efficient wood burning stove and alter the whole look of the fireplace by removing the stone surround and hearth.

These were removed and the stove chosen, a Hunter Herald 5 slimline. This stove allows a larger looking stove but keeping the maximum output below 5KW and therefore removing the requirement to install an airvent.

Our plasterer went in and skimmed the front wall and rendered the opening to give a clean looking fire opening.

We dropped a liner down the flue ready for the installation of a new hearth and the stove. The customer selected Honed Slate for the hearth which we measured for and ordered from Eaton Stonemasons in Stuminster Marshall. This was collected and installed and it and then connected the stove.

Mrs F - Fovant
The customer had a metal fireplace (right) that they had not used and was not likely to use due to possibility of smoke into the room. The age of the property meant that it may have had a class one flue installed but they opted for a CCTV inspection to be 100% sure it was sound.

It turned out to be a good investment as the inspection showed a gap half way up the flue; this meant that a liner had to be installed.

The customer wanted the fireplace, fire surround removed, after doing this we found that the hearth material went only to a point just beneath the fireplace insert (this tends to be the norm, but sometimes we are pleasantly surprised). So we removed the hearth and leveled the rear and front hearth ready to install a new hearth; This was selected by the customer after a visit to Eaton Stonemasons in Charlton Marshall (recommended for all granite/slate or marble requirements). Which we installed after lining the chimney.

A Charnwood Country 4 stove was selected and installed. The finished result can be seen in the photo on the left.

Email Received from the Customer:

"Hi Steve
Just a thank you for the work done on the stove installation. It looks great and is working well when I have done the first few burnings to season the paint etc.

I am very much looking forward to using the stove in earnest.

With Thanks and Best Wishes

Mr & Mrs D - Blandford
This job was one of our most interesting and challenging jobs. During the survey it was noted that a previous owner of the property had decided to remove part of the chimney to free up some space in the upstairs bedroom. Normally you would remove everything from the top down, however they had decided to remove the chimney from below the stack to what turned out to be the ground floor. This left only the chimney stack in place, being held up by a robust, though not quite straight bracket. (See photo right). They had then built a new flue from the front room with concrete blocks and round flue 'pipes' to a point in the attic; you can just see it in the bottom right hand corner of the photo above and below.

So in order to install a new flue to current building regulations we had to use a flexible flue from the fireplace to the point in the loft, change to a twin wall insulated flue for the length between the new flue and bottom of the chimney stack, and then change back to a flexible liner through the stack as there was insufficient room to continue to use twin wall flue up through the stack. The photo on the left shows the twin wall insulated flue in the attic.

Downstairs the previous owner had created a new fireplace with metal 'insert' (see right), the hearth looked original but may have been reinstalled. We were going to remove the insert, plaster inside the fire opening and install a new hearth and stove. However when we started to try and remove the insert we found that they had pretty much built the fireplace around it and it was wedged in. The picture to the below shows what was left after we eventually got it out.

The fireplace was made up of concrete blocks, only the rear wall was from the original fireplace; you can see this by the tar stained wall.
It looks bad but we called in our plasterer who worked his magic and rendered inside the fire opening (sealing it to stop the tar leeching through), patched the holes on the chimney breast and blended them in to the existing plastering. It was then ready for the final transformation.

The hearth was sourced and installed by the customer, the stove, a Charnwood C-Four, was installed and connected to our flue and tested by us and the fire surround was painted black and reinstalled to give the final result below.

One of our most unusual installations just because of the removal of the chimney except the stack.

Emails Received from the Customer:

"The fireplace has been plastered by James, he's done a cracking job."


"Hi Steve,

Finally, here's some photos of the finished fireplace...
We really are very pleased with it, thanks for your all your help.

Kind Regards
Tris "

Mr & Mrs P - Blandford
The customer was doing some alterations to their property and had decided they would like a Wood Burning stove installed in their snug. It was a reasonably small room and only required a modest stove of around 4KW. They had an idea of the make and model they liked, however the physical size and shape of some of them meant that they would either be a tight fit into the fireplace or the wrong proportions as the fire open was tall and thin.

A Stovax Stockton 4 stove was selected, this is a tall, thin stove that would fit nicely and be in proportion to the fire opening.

Due to the age of the property the flue was lined but it didn't require insulation as it was an internal chimney.


Email Received from the Customer:

"Hello Steve,

Many thanks for this and just a quick note to say a very big thank you for all your help. First class service – we will be telling everyone that “Steve is the Man” when it comes to stoves.

With kind regards

Neil & Anne"

Mr & Mrs S - Blandford
This customer came to Eco-Flame after attempting to organise the installation with another installer. They were in the process of purchasing a new house and wanted the stove installed prior to their moving date. The timescale was quite tight but we organised to perform the installation within their timescale. The house was a new build so didn't require lining as it already had a class 1 flue; it was just a case of selecting the right size kilowatt stove that the customer liked the look of and then connecting to the existing flue.

We worked with the builder to advise on the size and type of hearth required, ensuring that building regulations would be met. We installed a Scan Anderson 4-5; a clean modern looking quality stove.

"Dear Steve,

Thank you for the installation of our wood stove today. We are delighted with it as well as the professional, friendly service you provided.
The fact that we had such a tight deadline and you even came out to install our Scan Andersen stove on a Sunday morning in order to keep us on schedule, was of real help.

Thanks again, we would have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending

Mr & Mrs S
Blandford, Dorset

Mr & Mrs L - Ansty
I received a call from the customer who was desperate to get their two pre-purchased wood burners installed as their current installer could no longer perform the installations and sign them off as HETAS engineers. The installations had been planned for months only for it to go wrong at the very last minute causing various other complications. We completed the surveys and organised to install both stoves quickly as possible which meant we went in on a Saturday and Sunday, installing one stove each day. Both stoves were already on site so we supplied only the flue items.

"We are really pleased with the and have been recommended you all over the place" Mr L.

Mr & Mrs H - The Donheads
Mr & Mrs H wanted to update their open fireplace and installed a wood burner. Their original fireplace had a large canopy; this has been installed to act as a gather for the smoke to ensure the minimal amount would spill into the room. They requested that they would like to keep the canopy and install the wood burner under it. The image to the left shows the fireplace before the change.

At Eco-Flame we ALWAYS sweep the chimney before installing a flue line or stove. This ensures that the flue is clear of any debris before we install the chimney cowl which stops further debris entering the flue, such as twigs. As part of this install we removed the canopy to sweep as this give us better access. Once swept we placed the stove in the fire place without re-installing the canopy and showed this to the customer. They decided, almost immediately, that they preferred NOT to have the canopy, "without it seemed to open up the fireplace". The canopy was taken out and we made a bespoke register plate for this new configuration

Mr G - Penselwood
The customer was updating their property including installing a brand new heating system part of which was being plumbed into a new wood bburning stove; a Stratford EcoBoiler. The customer had purchased the stove and, due to the renovations of the property had already had a qualified plumber and required Eco-Flame to supply and install a flue liner and connect to their stove. We were happy to help and work with both the customer and their plumber during the installation.

The customer was going to use a heat exchanger as their heat sink off of the stove, and they wanted it positioned within the chimney flue. As access to the joints are required, an intricate register plate in two parts was made and installed so that the heat exchanger was accessible, though hidden with the chimney flue.

Mr & Mrs S - Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire
The customer had a requirement for a wood burning stove but also wanted the charm, smell and sound of an open fire; The solution was to install a Dovre 1800. This has large doors that fold back of themselves so that you can enjoy an 'open fire' but also close the doors to get the efficiency of a wood burning stove. They had just bought the property and their existing fireplace was a reasonably sized open fire but was in a sorry state (see image right)

We cleaned out and removed any old broken bricks in the fireplace and rebuilt both sides to provide a good base for new rendering.

A flue liner was installed; sometimes this is easy, sometimes, as in this case, it was not. Looking up the brick chimney was in excellent condition Brick chimney in excellent condition (left), however it's condition when it got to the swan neck was a different story. When trying to install the liner it would only drop down the chimney so far, no amount of persuasion would make the liner go any further. We therefore had to measure to the point of 'blockage' and break through into the chimney to see what the problem was; this ended up being in an upstairs bedroom , and investigation revealed a large deposit of mortar and a build up of soot that had mixed with water and gone rock hard, reducing the flue size from 9" to less than 6". Breaking this build up away allowed the liner to be dropped all the way down.

After the installation - Dovre 1800 Wood Burner and Slate hearthA new Welsh Slate hearth (purchased from a particular slate mine at the request of the customer) was laid both in the fireplace and for the front hearth, and the Dovre 1800 installed.

A permanent air vent was installed to the side of the stove and through the cupboard on the left and connected via a flexible metal lining tube to a vent installed in the outside wall.

This was not one of our easiest installations, but if they were all easy it wouldn't be fun!!!

Feedback from the customer:

"The hearth and the fireplace look great!... Many thanks for installing the stove – we are very pleased, just can't wait for a fire!"

Mrs N - The New Forest, Hampshire
The customer had purchased this property to rent out to holiday makers who wish to spend some time in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire . A wood burner and Solar Energy combination was the obvious choice and they contacted Eco Flame to install the wood burner as they had already sourced the solar from another company.
Open Fire with smoke damage to the fire surround

They had a good idea of what make stove they wanted from a recommendation from a friend.

We installed a Clearview Vision 500 on 4" legs and class 1 flexible flue liner. The picture to the right shows the installed stove and you can see the copper pipes ready to be connected for their new heating system.

We could have supplied the entire system and was told "We wish we had found you earlier", and that we had "A refreshing attitude" and they would "certainly be recommending you to everyone."

Another satisfied customer!!!

Mr & Mrs M - Stalbridge
This property had individual gas heaters in all the rooms.Dangerously installed Stove installed using bricks to support the flue!!! The customer wanted to reduce their usage of fossil fuels with more green energy and remove these and replace with a conventional radiator central heating system. They had an old wood burning stove that on inspection was installed incorrectly with the flue pipe being held up only by a pile of bricks (picture right).

Our recommended solution was to install new radiators in all the rooms which were fed by a Thermal Store (or accumulator) which was heated by Grant Flat Panel Solar Panels, a new Wood Burning stove (a Hunter Herald 14) and a new high efficient gas boiler. This would provide free hot water and heating throughout the summer via the Solar Panels, the majority of hot water and heating during the winter from the Wood Burning Stove and Solar Panels (they reported that on the shortest day their Thermal Store reached 20 degrees from the Solar Panels alone), topped up by their gas boiler.

We configured the system to fire up the gas boiler automatically if the demand for heat or hot water was higher than normal and there was insufficient in the Thermal Store.

Mr & Mrs S - Shillingstone
Open Fire with smoke damage to the fire surroundThe customer was complaining of smoke damage to their fire surround from their open fireplace (pictured right). It had been suggested that they raise the grate, push it back, or install a canopy to gather the smoke to stop any spill over. None of this had helped and a canopy would not look right.

Long, Cold Chimney StackThey called Eco-Flame in for help, looking at their problem, their chimney and the things they tried. A large part of their chimney was exposed to the elements and being a 9" square brick flue it was a lot of cold air. The chimney had a long pot on it and a directional anti down draught cowl which, why it helped, when the wind blew in certain directions was no help at all.

It seemed that all the elements have come together and they had one of those fires that just didn't perform as it should. They were considering a stove before they contacted us and we told them that this was a sure fire way of solving the smoking problem; ideally the chimney should be lined to reduce it's size however, as it was a class one flue, and sound, we suggested that we installed a stove without lining and if it was found that the stove didn't draw sufficiently a liner would need to be installed.

Stovax Stockton 5 InstalledA Stockton 5 was chosen and we installed it directly to the existing class 1 flue and tested the draw. At the time of the installation it worked fine. We left the customer and told them to contact us if over the next few weeks if their stove had any problems.

We contacted them after a few weeks to check that all was okay and was told that the stove work beautifully and they have had no problems and were really pleased.

At Eco-Flame we look at what you want and what you need and provide the best and safest solution for you and your home; If work doesn't;t need to be done, we'll tell you.

Mr & Mrs S - Manston
The client had an open fire but wanted a more efficient source of heating for their room (Open fires send 80% of heat up the chimney, Stoves send 70-80% heat into the room). They had a fire surround that they didn't want to remove which limited the choice of stoves to an inset style. They chose a Stovax Stockton 7 Inset which we installed along with a flue liner and chimney insulation as the chimney was external to the wall and therefore would suffer from condensation causing tarring. The chimney was very high an inaccessible by ladders, so we used a cherry picker to keep costs down as access was good.

Open Fire - Before Stovax Stockton 7 Inset Installed and alight
Before After

Mr & Mrs D - Blandford Forum
Prior to installing a stove in their reception room the customer rarely used it. We installed an Aarrow Acorn 4, 9 metre 6" flue liner and, due to it's length we insulated using vermiculite ; this ensured that the flue was kept warm reducing the possibility of poor draught causing smoke back into the room. Following the installation they told us that it felt like a completely different room, warm and cozy, and are now using it all the time.

Open Fire - Before Arrow Acorn 4 installed and alight
Before After

Mr & Mrs H - Six Penny Handley

Stovax Stockton 5The customer had a brand new house with a feature fireplace to give a focal point to the room as well as the heat. A Stovax Stockton 5 wood burning stove into a pre cast pumice class 1 flue.




Mrs W - Bridport
An Old Granary was being converted to a holiday let and the owner wanted a focal point and decided on a wood burning stove. The flue was to pass through the ground and upper floor and out through the roof.

Stockton 5 Twin Wall Insulated Flue Listed Building Requirements - Black
Ground Floor Second Floor Outside

We installed a twin wall insulated flue as required by building regulations and, being a listed building had to spray the external flue black. The customer liked the colour and asked us to spray the internal flue this colour also. In the second photo you can see the original look of the flue. Due to the size of the room and the insulation level we install a small 5 KW Stockton 5 wood burner in the corner of the ground floor room, finishing off the points at where it left each room with a neat finishing plate.

Mr & Mrs H - Bourton
Installed in the annex the client required a small stove provide heat as the room was quite draughty. A small Morso Squirrel was chosen by the client following our advice of physical & KW size.

Annex fireplace at the startThe first photo on the right shows the fireplace before we started, it contained a fire back brick built using individual bricks which had to be removed to provide enExisting Firebrick had to be removed to fit the stove.enough depth to fit the stove. This firebrick can be seen in the photo on the left.

The firebrick did not form part of the chimney structure so could be removed without having to provide any support to the chimney stack.

Until we had removed these bricks it was not possible to tell the state of the bricks behind; we suspected them to be clean as they had been protected by the firebFinished fireplace with a Morso 1410 Multifuelrick, and we were correct. The client asked us to brush them down and to leave them untouched. If they were of poor quality they could of been rendered or painted.

A flue liner & register plate was installed and the Morso stove connected to it. Due to the distance from the top of the stove to the wooden mantelpiece, it was required to provide some heat shielding to the underside of the mantelpiece so it could not be seen.

Mrs B - Shaftesbury
Removal of an existing inset stove and stone fire surround. Opening up of the fireplace to the builders opening. Installation of supporting lintels, installation of a new stone hearth, plastering of the fire opening and installation of a wood mantel. Installation of a flue liner and new Stockton 5 Wood Burning Stove.

Before   After

Mrs H - Dorset
Mrs H contacted us with a problem of their existing Jetmaster stove pouring smoke into the room, they had rarely used the stove due to this problem. Hunter Herald 8On investigation we found that their previous installers and not installed the correct size flue lining due to the limited space in the chimney and had opted for a smaller liner. The manufacturer had stated a minimum size flue which was 200mm larger that the flue installed and the register plate was supported by wood too close to the flue and had started browning from the heat. We also noted that no air vent had been installed, for the installed stove this was a requirement and contributed, but not caused, the smoking problem.

We recommended that the stove be replaced for a more suitable sized stove that would provide them with the heat required for the rooms and a safe environment. We installed an air vent and, after inspection of the flue liner, insulated it through out it's length and connected to a new Hunter Herald 8 Double sided. The result was a safe and efficient heating source which they could now use.

Mrs H - Henstridge
Stovax Riva 40A straightforward installation of a Contemporary Stovax Riva 40 multi fuel stove into a new property with an existing pumice lined class 1 flue.





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